Friday, February 15, 2013

I bring the cookies

I'm interning at Dirt Rag Mag right now. It's pretty neat, and I'm writing lots of stuff.

Pulp Stiction is my weekly web column, and so far I have two posts up. They're more of the same kind of thing that I write on here. We'll eventually set a regular day for the posts.

Pulp Stiction: A snowbound adventure staring Sixpoint Resin and raw potatoes

On my first day in the office, I set up Karen's fat test bike tires tubeless. Which made me a little nervous, because the tires fit the rims really loosely, and I was afraid that they would roll off the first time she rode it. Injuring an editor on the first day of an internship isn't usually a good choice. 

But so far so good. And I got to pose for creepy out of focus face shots:

I'm working on some print articles now, and I'll have another web column up next week. It's sweet to be writing about bikes in a semi-professional capacity.