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I started riding bikes when I was 14. I tied a bandanna on my head, grabbed some pb&j sandwiches, and set off with my dad's old Gary Fisher down the wrong side of the road. Despite horrible leg cramps, I cranked up the millage from 40 to 60 to 90 miles over the Laurel Highlands.

I spent a couple dozen hours scraping self-chalking paint off the back of the house that year. At the end of the summer bought a cheap fixed gear wheelset and set it up on an old BCA mountain bike. I started commuting 24 miles a day to high school in the snow. My classmates thought I was crazy, and I agreed.

Through my sophomore and junior years, I worked in a coffee shop and was stingy. By the summer I was able to piece together a Niner One9 with closeout parts from Speedgoat.

I did my first race at the 2008 Bavington Month of Mud in October. I entered single speed and crashed into a tree in the first 30 seconds. I almost finished in last place.

In 2009 graduated high school and raced the WVMBA series. Half way through the season I started racing on a suspension fork. I finished the series in 4th. I did my first hundred miler, the Wilderness 101, and finished 32nd SS.

In 2010 I moved into a tent down by the river, was picked up by a nice girl, won the WVMBA SS series, and won the over-all on my single speed in two races. I did the Wilderness 101 again and finished 6th SS. At the muddy Mohican 100 I contracted guardia. All my friends were super nice and voted to send me to the Breckenridge Epic Stage Race. It was very cool.

In 2011 I gazed into my navel to write this history of my bicycle riding. And I plan on doing a bunch more cool stuff. This blog is about that cool stuff.

This blog is also about viking cats: