Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a final announcement concerning the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race Blog Competition

The blog contest for a free entry to the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race ends tomorrow. I'm currently in third place. This is not good. Only the top two bloggers get to race.

Until a few days ago, I was sitting comfortably in 2nd. Then Team Dickface pulled the old man card. He claimed that since he was old, he was at a severe disadvantage in a facebook-based-contest.

He failed to mention that while he has 786 face friends, I only have 580. I am at a 206 person face disadvantage. Pitty me and not him dammit.

Even now, while I sit inside a house for the first time in a week, making my sad grouper face at my small computer,

Dicky is doing his first stage race of the year and being pleasured by dirty hippies from Ohio:

A vote for Dicky is a vote for devious looking bald men and crusty dread lock nuzzling.

A vote for Cory Rimmer is a vote for Cory Rimmer's blog.

A vote for me is a vote for pitbulls driving boxes:

You decide.

I take that back. Don't decide. Just vote for me. Right here.

I'm only 45 votes down. A comeback can be made, but the contest is over tomorrow. Vote now! And if you have means of broadcasting pleas for votes through facebook or a blog, broadcast away! It's crunch time.


Alice said...

Love the pitbul! Love the sad grouper face! Hate whiners. You have the slightly older but not ancient stitching lady demographic wrapped up! Going to vote now.

bill k said...

Looks like you made it! congrats. looking forward to a recap in xxc.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you cause I didn't like Dicks sarcasm, err he just seems like a jerk in his "so-great-blog" which just gets under my skin. I don't know you, but just glad you will be a blogger and not that guy that is always so upset over everything.

Anonymous said...

Congrats my son! You deserve it!

dicky said...

I need to remember to quote that guy.

dougyfresh said...