Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the almost summertime

With the coming of the toasty months, I've stopped working at my old coffee shop job:

(the view from the control center. this is where we pretend to be happy that you want a 1/2 caf, 2% milk, sugar free syrup, no foam, 126 degree cup of liquid cake.)

I'll probably be back at the Bean next fall when collegio starts again, but even if I'm not, my legacy lives on:

The Cancer Buddy was both a convenient way to prop the back door open during smoke breaks, and a cheerfully grim reminder of the ultimate fate of the smokers on staff. Unfortunately, some fool left it in the door overnight, leaving the store unlocked. The management was not pleased. So we were forced to go back to the inconvenient and decidedly neutral "aluminum stick."

But at least shirtless exaggerated wink girl will live on behind the register:

As much fun as I had at that place, I can't argue with being employed here

I roll out of bed every morning with the not actually pink sun

Work in the store next to the railroad tracks

Or sit on the rocks with a camera and wait for the rafts to roll past

Go ride

Then sleep and do it all over again.


Eryn! said...

That sounds sweet. Why am I travelling across the country to do the same thing for only a weekend?

Carl Sustrich said...

Nice, is that Ohio Pyle? That sounds like a killer summer. I'll have to look you up next time i'm down there. I'll probably be climbing at breakneck and schoolhouse a few times over the summer, so i'll be sure to invite you!

Montana said...

It is ohiopyle. And it is pretty sweet. For sure hit me up when you're down there Carl. Chances are quite good that I'll be there