Monday, September 27, 2010

Mountain bike season is done. Woot woot! Thank god.

I'll miss it in two weeks.

I won the last race of the season in Eleanor, WV.

And with that, won the seven-race WVMBA single speed series.


It was awesome that the top three of us were tied going into the race. I had a great time racing these guys all season, and I'm stoked to keep doing it through the fall on a 'cross bike.

I just wish I wouldn't have been swallowed by a ditch. I took skin off my elbow, left hip, right ass cheek, left shoulder, and right knee. And I put a nice big dent in my helmet.

Race report in a little.

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dougyfresh said...

great job!

you've had a strong season. next year will be even stellar!