Thursday, October 14, 2010

ABRA #1 + Month of Mud Grove City '10

The weekend before last, I did three 'cross races.

Last weekend, I wore a mustache.

Anyway, the races. On Saturday JR held the inaugural ABRA 'cross race. The course was short, flat, and all on the grass. It was a nice course for road type riders (fit people who can put down power for a long time.)

I did not fare well with my flat bars and disc brakes. The Pfluge and JPok crushed me in the SS race.

The 1/2/3 race went even worse. After Gunnar dropped me in the first 10 minutes, I stopped trying. I lost track of how many times Steevo lapped me.

But I did have one consolation.

At my lowest of lows, my most dejected, barely turning over the pedals, feeling worse and slower than I've ever felt, I lapped Don Powers.


The next day we went to the Grove City MoM race. I removed my flat bars and put on the trusty upside-down mustaches.

The course was technical, muddy, and flat-ish. It went slightly better.

I out-sprinted JPok at the line for 2nd in SS, but Evan Perrone got away early and took the win.

Last Wednesday, I started a job dodging Port Authority Buses and delivering envelopes by bicycle in Pittsburgh. It's not easy. I'm positive that the buses actively try crush everything that's smaller than they are (which is everything except buildings and blue whales.) More on that later.

*Don Powers will likely want me to mention that he did three races on Saturday, totaling something like 43 miles of riding in circles on a little field without water, which makes him the biggest meat head in the galaxy. He will also cite that as the reason I lapped him. 


Don said...

Really, you had to go back & edit this post to add..."which makes him the toughest bicycle rider in the galaxy". You better watch out for white hatchback Miatas while working dahntahn!

Montana said...

I don't see that written anywhere. You must be confused.