Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've gotten way behind on blogging about this Colorado trip. But I'm still out here, sleeping on Dahn Pahr's and Shelmire's hotel room floor:

I dropped Colleen at Denver International on Tuesday, but from Boulder two weeks ago until then we drove to Kremling, Breckenridge, Avon, Eagle, Rabbit Valley, Fruita, the Grand Junction Sears Auto Center, Meeker, Steamboat Springs, and back to Breck to hike a 14er. We stayed with a few friends, and camped the rest of the time.

Don, Aaron and I have been doing rides in Breck to get ready for the Breck 100 on Saturday. I've got a ton of stories from this trip, but I'm probably not going to get to writing them down until the beginning of next week when I get back to Pennsylvania.

We're about to go hike through the snow on the Wheeler Pass stage of the race, so until I can sit down to write something decent, I'll post some pictures:



Anonymous said...

The best picture by far was the last one. Cawlean sure looks cute posing on the rocks!

Colleen said...

So does that mean that I could pull off a marmot costume next Halloween?