Friday, September 9, 2011

a photo of big trav bending over a hot caddy

Deep sigh. baahhh. Labor Day Weekend is over, and now things start to quiet down in Ohiopyle. Sadly, instead of racing the 24 hours of Seven Springs or Shenandoah 100, I was selling chips and Gatorade all weekend. 

And watching Big Trav try to fix an 85 Cadillac for a family of Dutch people. 

He was convinced that if he repaired their car, they would give him their daughter to be his eternal sex slave. Sounds reasonable. 

Unfortunately, we can't fix busted heater cores on Park View.
But Big Trav sure loved that red leather and coolant smell.

Now that that's out of the way, there are only a couple weeks left until the Great Pisgah Bicycle Extravaganza. There's been a flurry of facespace discussion, and it looks like Rob, Brad the Birdman of Charleston and I are going to be splitting a place called "Grandma's House" with Garth Prosser and his band of misfits. It should make for an epic article for the Dirt Rag

I still need to get a headset that doesn't wobble, but other than that I think I've finalized my bike setup.

Fast knobby tire:

15mm thru axle and 120mm of travel:
Sweeet. I'll test it all out tomorrow at the 9 Circles of Hill, which at the request of Prof. Shelmire has become the 9 Cirlces of Gnarlyness. 

1 comment:

Ayasha Kieth said...

Wow, I really love the tires and the color, I'm sure the this bike is a tough one.


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