Monday, October 3, 2011

The End of Pigsaw

That was a great week. I'm not into cliche recaps, so until I finish my more detailed bloggerly duties I'll leave it at this: The Pisgah Stage Race was the best riding I've ever done. Better than Colorado in some ways. Fucking super cool. So cool that I might move to that little part of the world some day. 

The week ended up costing me about $150. We split Grandmas's House 7 ways, ate shitty Mexican food all week, and packed into a tiny TDI to carpool down there. That's a cheap week. Even if I would have had to pay the entry fee, it wouldn't have been that bad. And a stage race is so much more fun than a season full of 100 milers. If you're into this mountain biking thing, you should try stage racing. It's rad.  

Anyway, I'll have the Stage 4 and 5 reports up this week. 

Here are the ones I have done so far:


Lord Travis said...

Not into Cliche recaps? Yeah, Ok. Professional Bloggers are for vain people who think people really give a rat's ass. Some do I guess. And hey, you got a free entry so your cliche recaps are what they masses want. They also want fast food, cheap slave labor, shitty music, reality tv and to live vicariously through you. I'm just pissed cause I actually had to work with you in NC. Wait a minute, you're only worried about adjusting your hubs in the church yard while groups of people are waiting for rentals. Fuck, who can I get to be the sucker now?

Montana said...

Sounds like somebody needs a good swift kick in the nuts

Simon said...

You ungrateful little douche nozzle. We hook you up with frames, parts and connections to further your racing career, and you put down a whack ass rafting company as your sole sponsor? Just when we were thinking about paying you as well since your association has sold many bikes. Well, not really but thats what you want to believe.

Montana said...

The little rafting company gives me left over me sandwiches. Some things in life are just more delicious. Speedgoat had a place of honor plastered above my ass all week.

I hope it's snowing in Chicago.

Lord Travis said...

You would use a method taught in a soccer mom's self defense class against a Lord? I thought a big strong bicycle racer like yourself wouldn't resort to such tactics. Your efforts would be futile as I enjoy ball torture. I'll even open my legs incase you're still tired from one of your many races.