Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shipping off to New Zealand (I wish)

Colleen is gone until July, and on a plane headed for New Zealand. I'm pretty jealous that I won't be going on the Lord of the Rings tour with her. Anyway, shes been trying to decide all winter if she wanted to have a bike with her. A day before she left she decided that she did.

So we checked out the options. They were fly with bike, ship bike UPS, or buy a bike over there and try to sell it before leaving.

I punched in a bike box to UPS at work, and it turned out to be $856.00. That was out.

Then we checked out some NZ bikes. A pair of hiking boots cost about $350 there, and mountain bikes are correspondingly pricey. I guess stuff is expensive when it has to be shipped to the bottom of the world. So that was also out.

She called the airline, and it would only cost $200 to fly the whole way there with the bike. I grabbed the smallest bike box I could find and jammed her Karate Monkey into it. Not as professional looking as a hard case, but it'll do:

I wish I could see her trying to carry that thing through the airport.


J Doncevic said...

A friend of a friend went on a biking trip to NZ and he had to go through severe bike cleaning/sterilization before he packed his bike. Apparently NZ is strict about preventing any risk from outside organisms or pests getting into the country from abroad. She may have to do something extra with the bike when she gets there.

Montana said...

Do they make people go through extreme cleaning and sterilization too? She did mention something about that, I wonder if they'll make her do anything. It did have a little bit of Ohio dust on it

Justin said...

You should have packed yourself into that box.

Jason said...

Yo, I gotta a few contact down in NZ, if your lady friend needs some ride tips or other such info. Just let me know.

Your sort of a lanky hobbit type. Too bad you couldn't have swung the trip there. Some amazing riding there (I hear).