Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wisp XC and Some Other Stuff

A quick update while I have a chance to steal some internet.

Last week was JR's Wisp XC. I won, and turned the podium box on it's side so that I would be taller than Dahn Pahrs and Cinder Bloch.
It was sweet.

The Mohican 100 is this Saturday. I'm doing the 100k sport race, because I hate riding flat roads in Ohio, and the 100k course has 40 miles less of them. After the race, I plan on snuggling with the Birdman in the cozy cabin love nest.

Epic Pro Cycling Team Pro-Cyclist Sam Meat Scissors Morrison was back in Pennsylvania last week, but we didn't ride bikes. As he put it, "Waaaa, I'm Sam and I'm sick. Bikes are stupid. Waaa." 
Sam Morrison, Pro Mountain Biker
I only mention Old Meat Scissors because I wanted to post that embarrassing picture of him again. I don't really care that we didn't ride bikes.

In a couple months, I'm leaving for the Great Breck Epic via SSUSA Vermont Trip. I need to ride up a bunch more mountains between now and then. While I'm standing around on concrete selling chips and Gatorade, my toughest competition is at Transylvania Epic tuning up the race legs.
I'm intimidated.

Completely forgot to mention this in the Cranky Monkey thing, but Cinder Bloch is still narcoleptic. I exchanged the beer he fell asleep with for a sausage. We took a picture.
Then he woke up, spiked his sausage into the dirt, and shuffled away to pee on somebodies tent. 

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dougyfresh said...

dicky is not a threat.

see you in vermont!

if you want to ride CT on your way up there let me know.