Monday, November 24, 2008

Roaring Run

I took the big carrot for a ride in Roaring Run, Apollo today. I love that hole. There’s single track with big climbs, twisties, and rocks. Rocks rocks in my socks. I lie. There were no rocks in my socks. Only feet.
I warmed up with a single track climb up a big ridge next to the parking lot. I chose to end my climb about half way to the top, and dropped down into a steep chute covered in big chunks of loose rock. The poor little carrot was bouncing all over the place, even with the big 2.3s running at low pressure. My descending skills are hardly what I would consider adequate, so on rough descents like that I have to be content to grin (or bare my teeth like a wolf) and hold on. At the bottom the trail gives way to lovely rollercoaster swoops.
The steep ups and downs are a blast to ride.
After I popped out of the woods I found myself next to a suspension bridge, which I carefully, (it was frozen over,) crossed. I climbed up gravel double track before tuning back on to a narrow trail with more climbing. Near the top of the trail the sun came out. The event was so unexpected that I got off of my aluminum steed to bask in its glory.
A few moments it disappeared from whence it had come. After hissing at the vanishing orb, I peddled back off into the darkness like the mole person I have become. Some day I will leave western PA for a land that has more than 60 days of sunshine a year. I swear it.
On top of the hill I came across a water fall. The trail actually crosses the falls right at the top. Not wanting to risk a fall into frigid waters, I turned around and went home. It turned out being one of the best rides I’ve had in a while. And I almost stayed home. Go figure.

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If you took the time to read this, I'm sorry. I was young and terrible at writing things. But the font is lovely. Wouldn't you agree?