Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grove Run Fail

I have no idea why I insist on riding grove run trail in the upward direction. It just never works.
Grove Run is about a five mile loop (I think. Actually I have no idea. But its more than long enough.) in Laurel Mountain, PA. The trail is cut into the side of the mountain and goes up from the bottom. Basically the whole thing is an off camber climb on loose soil with big rocks and the "occasional" downed tree. Its really really hard to ride up.
Knowing full well the trail's level of really really hard dificultness, I gave it another shot last Saturday. I failed. I think I walked up the hill for about an hour before I turned around and came back.

But the return trip was a blast. Its crazy to me how much more fun it is to ride down a hill than up it. The trail is very unforgiving (death by thorn bushes and drop off on one side and sharp pointy rocks on the other), but I manged to stay on it and keep my lovely face intact.
(I swear I hopped this one right after the picture)

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