Tuesday, January 20, 2009

build a man a fender

Car snot does not taste good, nor is it good for my bike, light, and clothes. Ive know for a while that I was going to need a fender, but with our recent snow storms it really hit me.
So I bought an SKS Shockboard. And it did not fit. My bike has almost no clearance between the top of the tire and the crown of the fork, regardless of if I run a 700c or 26" wheel. So a scavenging I went for something to remedy my woes. 30 minutes later I had a nice fender rigged up.

From Worthless Garbage

This government mandated piece of scrap was formerly on the lady bear's jeep. I think it looks better here, cut in half.
All I had to do to make the fender was chop the plate down the middle with tin snips, bend it to the right shape, and bolt it on through the brake hole in the fork crown. Easy as eating grapes, and it cost me all of $0.00. The best part is that its reflective.

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