Wednesday, January 14, 2009

stuff review saturdays!! with cat. endless kick ass cog

From Worthless Garbage

This is the best cog I've ever used. Every time I crank the pedals, by some force of wizardry, the kick ass cog spins my wheel. Simply amazing. I own both an 18t and 16t.
(The "t" number must refer to the weight of the cog because the higher "t" count cogs appear to be easier to pedal. I can only imagine how fast and light my bike would be with the legendary 25t cog.)
But in all seriousness. My toothless mascot Tenderfoot loves them. Swears they're the best piece of jewelry hes ever worn.
From Worthless Garbage

Nobody messes with Tenderfoot when he goes to the bar these days

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volleygirl said...

The fuzz looks like he's lost some weight...perhaps a bit more tuna is in order...