Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flatta tat tat

I felt so fast today. I Set a personal commuting record of 43:08 for 11.5 hilly miles on the fixed gear. Decent I say. After school I dropped my bag o' shit in the ladybear's jeep and headed out. It was the first time I've ridden in a while without that bag. Recent estimates have the bag o' shit going at about 30 pounds, which is a good bit for a 135 pound man. So when I finally got to ride without the thing on, it was akin to going from fat to skinny in the course of the day.
From Worthless Garbage

(bag o' shit)

Elated with my feelings of lightness, I blasted away from the school. I tore down the hill and shot up the first climb like a ticklish cat. (?)
I made my way across the first parking lot on the way to the ladybear's house and slowed at the stop sign. After the lumbering steel turds finished crossing in front of me, I got on the gas. And "Thunk!"
I my rear tire slipped into a storm drain. "Nuts." I though, "I hope that doesn't flat."
But my hoping was futile. No less than 800m later I heard the rim rumbling along the pavement. I stopped and got off the bike.
I had left my bag o' shit in the lady bears car.
With my spare tube.
And wrench.
And cell phone.
So I pulled off my toe covers and started walking. As much as traffic sucks on a bike, it is a hell of a lot worse not on a bike. PennDot still does not understand the concept of a road shoulder, so cars use every piece of available pavement. I dare say that this sucks when on foot.

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