Friday, December 18, 2009

the conglomerate's triumphant return

Finals week has finally come to a close, and I once again have enough time to blow my nose and cook an omelet. It's extremely comforting that I will not have to use my brain for the next month, and I'll be back in the blog world on a regular basis. Let the mindless mountain cycling commence!

For the past few days, I've been ripping around on the Flouresent Fixed Death Machine of Doom, trying not to break myself:

Riding fixed off road is tricky. It's a big mish mash of spinning, skidding and slamming pedals into rocks. (It's put the final nail in my ailing Candies.)

Unfortunately, my front chain ring is so worn that I drop my chain almost every time I ride down a hill. With a fixed gear only running a front brake, that gets old fast. So until I can get a new chain ring, the Florescent Death Machine of Doom (catchy name haint it?) is going to have to be coastable.

I'm going to save the Punk Bike write up for a rainy day, because at this point its already old news, and letting it age a little more will make it taste so much better.

Time to trundle away to the outsides! Hurrah!


aaron said...

fixed gear == fun toy != training tool

you're muscles are getting lazy with the fixed gears man...stick to the singlespeed.

Montana said...

That article's a hoot. Next time I ride I'll try to explain to my legs that they should be feeling lazy.