Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I should have mentioned it earlier, but voting is open for the Breck Epic Bloggers Grant Competition. The top four contestants get a free race entry in exchange for a few days of blogging for a mountain bike website or magazine (which ones, I'm not sure.) I just moved into first place thanks to a bevy of supportive vote gathering friends.

So if you like reading this junk, shoot me a vote. It'd be mighty cool of ya: contesto de blogger's grant.  If you already voted, hugs and kisses. I appreciate it.

My toughest competition was quaking in his boots as early as last Thursday. Along with fearing my ability to swing a sword astride a ferocious roaring viking cat, he said that I drive a "monster truck." This charge cannot go unanswered. The Grumbler is neither truck nor monster, and was inconsolable when he was accused of being both. He's a very sensitive vehicle, and since the insult, has not stopped leaking oily tears. I demand retribution! Punish Thom for his cruelty by voting for me!

Anyhoo, to wrap up the whole Mohican 100 debacle, Don did some statisifying:

"Men's Open - 100 finishers / 90 DNF & DNS = 47.4% fail rate 
Men's SS - 22 finishers / 12 DNF & DNS = 35.3 % fail rate 
Women Open - 9 finishers / 8 DNF & DNS = 47.1% fail rate 
Masters - 8 finishers / 18 DNF & DNS = 69.2% fail rate 
Women SS - 0 finishers / 1 DNF & DNS = 100% fail rate 

Total 100 milers 139 finishers / 129 DNF & DNS = 48.1% fail rate."

48% of hundred milers didn't finish the race. That's fairly intense.  

However, I have a short memory of pain, so I'm going to double up with Rob and do the Big Bear 2X12 this Saturday, then drive to State College for the Stoopid 50 on Sunday. Should be fun times.


Shred said...

Big Bear x 12 and the Stoopid 50! You are a sick boy.

Shred said...

Also... if you are not attending the Stoopid 50, the Big Bear x 12, the 24 Hours of Creek to Peak and not riding the MS 150 this weekend... there is a huge work project going on out at North Park on Sunday. Cutting in almost 3 miles of new single track on North Ridge. Going to be 'Epic'. Please please come out and help us.

Don said...

Your upset Grumber cried tears of oil all over my driveway. Let him know I don't appreciate him making my driveway look like the Gulf Coast. I should start calling him the BP Grumbler!

PS - He also has poor lumbar support!

aaron said...


Montana said...

You just have a bum lumbar. Don't blame the Grumbler.

And Dave, that trail work sounds lovely. I still haven't ridden in North Park. I'll have to take a trip out

Shred said...

I'd be happy to give you a tour. I have a killer 20 mile loop I like to ride out there. Send me a message on facebook.

Montana said...

I'll take you up on that at some point. Sounds swell