Friday, June 11, 2010

Last day for Breck

It's the last day of the Breck Epic Blogger's Grant competition. The vote is going to be really close right to the end, so shoot me a vote if you haven't already. Right now I'm sitting in 3rd, but I'm only a few votes behind 2nd, and a few ahead of 4th. The top four get to go.

Anyone who has the Facebooks can vote, so wrangle some friends of your friends to click a few links. It only takes a second and it'd mean a lot to me.

Your vote counts a ton. Do it. Do it now. Pleases. Vote here:!/TheBreckEpic?v=app_20678178440&ref=ts

Rob and I are heading out to Big Bear tomorrow, then to the Stoopid 50 immediately after. I'm going to try to do some blogging in situ, so hopefully I'll have a Big Bear race report up on Saturday night after the race.

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Anonymous said...

There are three people in the Breck poll that only received one vote each... has to suck being one of those people whose only vote was