Thursday, May 12, 2011

a reba re-build

I tore apart my fork yesterday, and I fully planned on documenting the whole thing and doing a how-to. Which would have consisted of things like this:

Turn shiny clicking device to the left. 

Hit un-clicking part of shiny clicking device with large hammer.

After taking the first few pictures, I realized that this would make for a blog post that was not only boring, but also very super extremely redundant. Because all the pictures of hammers hitting things on expensive forks are already in the tech manual.

But one thing the manual didn't make clear was the amount of oil that was supposed to go into the damper side of the fork. One chart said 133ml, and another said 110ml. Since I couldn't remember what I used last time I rebuilt the thing, I just went with the higher number. If anybody knows the real number, let me know.

After improperly disposing of my milky white fork oil in the trash can, my co-worker Big Trav sauntered into the shop.

I asked him if he had seen my sunglasses. He replied that he had seen a pair of female frames on the shelf yesterday, and promptly thrown them in the trash. Mother fucker.

So I dug.

And sure enough, under the pile of plastic, tubes, zip ties, and old suspension oil, were my way too expensive to be thrown in the garbage sunglasses.

This isn't the first time Big Trav has tried to kill these things. A few weeks ago he put them on a rack with some cheap Pepper's sunglasses in the store, apparently hoping that somebody would score a pair of Smiths for $19.99.

I'll never understand the way his mind works.


dicky said...

I like Big Trav.

Tell him to vote for me on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Tell Big Trav that your mother is going to kick his ass.

Anonymous said...

I kinda got back at Big Trav for all the dirt he did to me when I used his coffee cup to add Caffe Latex to my tires.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we live in a world of jealousy. When you work with someone who has nothing, no education, no girl friend, no real bicycle experience and no future, and all they have is a mid 80's truck that they invested way too much money in, they hate the people who have everything they wish they had. The hater then resorts to cowardly acts like destroying your property with the hopes of driving the productive employee away, or provoking you so that you respond with a physical act. Either way, the coward looks like the better man. The person who threw your sunglasses away or used your camping gear to clean up his used motor oil knows he will never have a nice bike, strength, education, and all the other things he is too lazy to work for. This person knows his life sucks and can't stand other people that have nice things.