Monday, February 16, 2009

cruising to victory: parte uno

I wrote once last week. I just didn't feel like it. So shoot me.
But now I feel like it, mostly because of the latest acquisition of the meaty meaty knob corporation.

From Worthless Garbage

Its a cruiser! and it has rust! everywhere! yay!
Did I mention its rusty? Because it is. I say it twice because I don't think the picture does the oxidization justice. But it was free, so I'll stop whining.
I'm actually really excited about this frame. Along with the above cruiser, the meaty meaty knob corp. also received a shipment of old and heavy parts. So everything I need to make this a smooth cruisin bike is ready to go.
The plan is to strip the frame down and repaint it, repack the bearings, and make everything nice and shinny (birds will try to steal it for nest material.)
From Worthless Garbage
Life after fenders.

Since I was so majorly excited, and lonely and bored, I did a preliminary build.
From Worthless Garbage

From Worthless Garbage

and its schweet. Almost every part of the bike is steel. It weighs close to 35 pounds. No brakes, no gears, and 35 pounds! Oi! Cheap steel is real, real heavy. But it cruises just fine. So I am pleased. Once I get it all finished it will be given away to a sibling of the lady bear for a birthday present.

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