Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the world at large

It amazes me how things work themselves out. I'm beginning to find that if I'm patient, everything just falls into place.
I recently sold the dirtmobilis. The padre was convinced that we would be lucky if we could get someone to come drag it away, but I put it on craigslist and am now $1000 richer. If I would have been hasty and taken it to the scrap yard, I would be sitting on a whole lot of nothing.
We are in the process of trying to get rid of our B.A Van which is currently located at my old residence in the middle of no where. At my old residence, I had the pleasure of having one old jazzersizing, Subaru driving, lady as my neighbor. She has since died, and a new couple has moved into her house. As we pulled the battery out of the B.A Van, the new resident of the casa down the way trudged up the hill in deep snow to, as he so eloquently put it, "shoot the shit." We shot the shit until we were absolutely sure that it was dead, and it turns out he has a buddy who is in the market for a B.A Van. I'll have to go shit shooting with him real soon.
The lady bear and I have been on the lookout for an old beach cruiser to fix up for some time. I've been combing ebay and craigslist and finding some crazy prices. Today at work, a customer saw my bike sitting outside the coffee shop. He asked who's it was, I told him it was mine, and we started talking bike. He just so happens to have massive amounts of old frames and parts he wants to get rid of. One frame is a beach cruiser. Huzzah! Free bikes all around!
I'm excited. And right now, I'm feeling like the worlds a pretty lovely place.

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