Thursday, June 4, 2009

where my turkey at?

As I've stated in my two previous posts, Creek to Peak was incredibly muddy. In fact, with the exception of Big Bear, every race I have done this year has been muddy. 3/4 muddy races. I'm no wizard of the mathematics, but I think that with 75% of races muddy, I would have been better off using mud tires than hardpack race tires. Crossmarks are not terrible in the slop, but they do leave a lot to be desired. And as much as I love my rampage up front, it does not hold well when the trail gets really wet.

I have read great things about how well Michelin XC/AT's work in the mud, and I do have a pair of them, but I just can't bring my self to put them back on my bike. I hate them. So much. The traction on wet roots and rocks is just awful. Me thinks I need to try some of these or these. Maybe a nice stout would do the trick.

And again I was not riding smoothly, and I was starting to think about washing the mud off myself before the first hour was over. But I wasn't until after the race had ended, or more accurately, until today that I realized what had really gone wrong.

I forgot tender foot. 

Upon realizing that he was no where to be found, I rushed to my bike room to check for the little turkey.

From 2009 Racing Season
1 keet (I don't have the par yet), 1 stanley, 1 small grey willis dinosaur, 0 tender foots.

0 tender foots. That's one tender foot less than there should be on that table. In a panic I sprinted to the shrine of the water demon for council.

From 2009 Racing Season
"Beolow in me mouthhh" exclaimed the water demon.

So blow I did

From 2009 Racing Season
The sweet melody of the water demon song was heard for miles around. I paused after playing the tune, but alas, tender foot had not come. I began to get suspicious. 

From 2009 Racing Season

This lump of a cat has been known to eat things larger than a tender foot. I contemplated squeezing his stomach to see if tender foot would cry out, but thought better of it. I must continue my search. Hopefully the small squeaky turkey will come back soon.

From 2009 Racing Season

I'll be watching this creep. Something about him seems shady.


tessikins said...

where my slushy at?

Montana said...

house drank it