Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its been 50 degrees and sunny for the past four days, and I have not been able to do anything more than ride around town. But some stuff came up that was much more important than riding bicycle, so I got a few days off.

Assuming that its still nice tomorrow, I'm going to get an early start and head up to the mountain for a nice long ride. I'll start at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort, pound my way through 10ish miles of rock gardens, then roll on some fire roads to take me over to Hidden Valley. Once I hit Hidden Valley I'll either ride down 31 and take the trails back up, or just ride some of the single track around the resort. I have not ridden those trails since I lived up there over the summer. I do miss them so.  

Last time I did the ride (before the Stoopid 50 in June.) I stayed on the fire roads and it took me about 4 hours. The route I have laid out in me little head should be about half rocky single track and half fire road. I'm guessing it will be about a 6 hour trip if I ride down 31, 5 hours if I don't. Unfortunately, my watch, though a very snazzy color, does not count hours in stopwatch mode. I'd love to take my electric fly swatter and repeatedly slap the person that thought that was a good idea. A stopwatch that only counts to 60 minutes is figgin retarded. So I might not know how many hours it takes me, because a few watch programmers were complete morons.

After I return from the mountain I'm heading out to Boyce Park to take the lady bear on her third mountain cycle ride (and now she can't back out because its posted on the interwebs for all to see.)

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tessikins said...

HA HA WELL WE DIDN'T GO :) because it rained. and i did back out anyways. but we got to see tim and his belly.