Friday, November 13, 2009

to the mountain

I rode home from class at 9:30 on Wednesday night and packed up the Grumbler for a trip to the mountain. I figured that if I slept on the mountain, I would be able to wake up early enough to squeeze a ride in before work at 10:00 in the AM.

At 11:00 I arrived on the mountain top and pulled the Grumbler into an out of the way parking lot, then crawled in the back and went to bed. I soon discovered that the grumbler was about 8 inches to short for me to stretch out in, and spent the remainder of the night vainly trying to extend the length of the vehicle by pushing on the hatch. Strangely, jets flying overhead were the only noises I heard all night.

When my alarm beeped at 6:00, I expected to emerge from my sleeping bag into a smiling sunny world that was ready for riding.

It was still dark. Apparently it doesn't get light until 7. Who knew.

I started boiling some water to make coffee and ran around the parking lot to try to get warm.

From Drop Box water

The sun finally rose, and I prepared myself to ride. It's no Westfalia, but the grumbler doesn't make a bad bed:
From Drop Box

I rode over to the interminably rocky Wolf Rocks trail to do a quick loop. The temperatures were in the mid 30's, but the sun was out so it was actually comfortable when moving. I headed onto Hobblebush and followed the winding path down the mountain through a damp pine grove.

When I turned onto Fish Run, I was hit with a debilitating coffee-induced call of nature. Wiping with dry leaves makes a man realize how much he actually needs in the world. I reworked this little boulder field about four times before I could make it look like I knew what I was doing:

Oh I do love me rocks.

I got about 90 minutes of lovely riding in before I had to head out, so sleeping on the mountain was definitely worth it.

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