Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rampage season

I must breath a sigh of relief, for it is finally Rampage season. Rampage season is the time of the year when I get sick of flatting a race tire every single damned ride, and install a large and thickly cased Rampage on the back of my bicycle. And what does a Montana do during Rampage season? I'll show you what he does: (watch the whole thing. I swear its worth it.)

Ha! I just stole 66 seconds of your life.

Unless of course you skipped the video, and in that case the jokes on me. Anyway, the above video faithfully shows what it feels like to almost clear an obsticle on a SS, only to realize at the last second that the gear is too high, and the speed too slow. And leaves are slippery. Before anyone asks, yes, I do do think that orange and purple match.

Self shot videos are a new addition to the knobby conglomerate, and they may become more prevalent on the blog because they require very little effort and are much more practical than self shot riding photos. (Anybody wana hook a brotha up with a helmet cam?)

Its furry animal killing season in PA, and on my way to the trailhead in Apollo a sign reminded me that I was about to enter the dangerzone.

"Hunters Welcome!"

The sign itself was not that unusual, but its placement was. It was hung on the wall of the local six pack shop. Guns, cheap beer, and an itchy trigger finger. What a combination.


Don said...

It was worth the 66 seconds to see you fall. It give me hope that I may once again beat you in a race.

SurlyRob said...

I'm glad that you have hope Don. I, however, have given up. I'm racing the "lifestyle" class next year. Where are those wings at....

Montana said...

I'm not saying that you will never again beat me, but your hope is based on assumption that in a race I would attempt to climb up a rock similar to the one pictured, which I would not, because I am clearly not capable. So if you do beat me, it will not be because I am sliding leafy hill side.