Friday, April 23, 2010

the greensburg

The last week of the semester is here already, so there hasn't been any time to drive to "good" trails. Instead I've had to confine myself to the beautiful riding in the Greensburg area.

I pounded out a few miles on the big chunky railroad gravel, which is probably the most difficult and un-fun riding surface in the world. (I'm not sure why the sky is always purple when I take pictures on my bike, but I think it may have something to do with the intenseness of my wheels)

The atv guys are always nice enough to shred some trails in along the power lines,

but the swellest place in the area is the slate dump

When the slag is dry, it's cool to sprint around all the jumps and banked turns.

With so much fun, there's bound to be carnage. I guess toy jeeps just weren't built to withstand jumps while carrying drunk 200 pound hicks. They should include that in the instruction manual.

The dumps even have log crossings:

(chainring crushing concrete punishes improper technique)

And if I didn't already think the riding was great around here, some charitable flower loving woman decided to prove that it was the best. White Oak doesn't have a monopoly on trail side panties anymore:

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Jason said...

I'll see your flowered slag heep panties and raise you a pair of ripped mountain trail panties. Keep playing catch up beeotch. :)