Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a razor spoon

The trails have been excellent ever since the return from Kananwanana. This week I hit Roaring Run once, and Laurel Mountain three times. It was great.

I love this place when the sun is out.
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On Monday, Rob and I headed to the mountain for the longest ride I've ever done up there.

After parking at the bottom, we jumped out of the car and climbed up 900 feet in a little over a mile on Grove and Quarry Run Trails (think dirty dozen hills on dirt.) I'm surprised my head didn't pop.

We hit almost every trail without incident, but unfortunately for Rob, the mountain demanded a blood sacrifice, and Wolf Rocks Trail was determined to collect it. But I suppose he didn't really need that elbow skin anyway.

I saw a porcupine for the second time up there, and saw the inside of a porcupine for the first time. The flies seemed to dig it. There was a little patch of fur further down the trail, and I can now confirm that those animals really are covered in sharp needles.

On Easter I finished purpleizing the Flourecent Death Machine of Doom. I debated between buying a new stem and spray painting the stuff, and in the end, the $3.27 can of Krylon won. It turned out pretty damn fine.

The FDMoD is prepared for domination (of what, I'm not certain. But something will be dominated) at the Michaux Mash this Saturday.
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(Thanks for holding my bicycle General Green. I'm sorry I didn't let you ride it, but I think you'd be a touch over the weight limit.
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Shred said...

i would type something clever about nathaniel greene and his early american mountain bike brigade but i sacrificed my right hand to the trail gods on saturday and it pains me to type only with my left hand. hand bones and elbow skin i hope they are satisfied

Montana said...

I think they would be pleased with that offering. It's probably why we've had such good weather.

Didja break it?

Shred said...

Yep broke it good. 4th meta carpal, one of the long bones in the hand follow the pinky to the hand just passed the knuckle,thats right where it snapped. They call the injury boxers hand. Common injury from throwing a bad punch or hitting a brick wall, except mine involved ramming my hand and handle bars into a tree trunk. It was a tight shot after a switch back between two trees with little room for error. Tree caught my right hand. I knew it was broke as soon as it happened. I wacked it hard.

Montana said...

That's rough man. I guy I work with punched a refrigerator and did the same thing. Heal up fast. I'm guessing you can't ride on it?

Shred said...

I think the doc said I'll be casted for 4 weeks, i'm in a splint until next week while the swelling goes down. Can't remember exactly, my mind was a little hazy from the pain after he set the break. Doc said after the cast is on i can do anything i want which won't be mountain biking since i cant brake effectively wearing a a cast that will only have a thumb and two fingers sticking exposed. I'll do the trainer and might try some rail trails on my cross-bike. Maybe i'll try needle point. I think all you need is a thumb and index finger for that.