Friday, April 16, 2010

hammmm boooone

When I rolled the Poo Poo Thunder II inside last night and flipped on the light, I witnessed the most dastardly scene. The Notorious Z.I.P. had slain the Super V:

Trying to look cute and innocent. Furry devil. (and if anybody says anything about my awesome carpet I'll pop em right in the face.)

Sunday begins the long awaited West By God season with the Big Bear Classic. In true WV form, there's cold rain on the forecast. I'm stoked.

Big Bear was my first decent race (4th SS) last year. At the time when everybody bitched about how short the course was, I couldn't understand. I though 16 miles was more than enough. But times have changed. Now I can ride my bike for at least a full 2.5 hours before cracking and wanting to take a nap. So I was delighted when I saw that the course has been extended to 22 miles (I hope.)

In 2009, I also coerced my friend Bowl to do the race with me. He entered Sport, ended up trying to do the Beginner loop, "took a wrong turn," found two water bottles (one from Wamesly Cycles, which I still cherish because the name Wamesly is so soothing to the ears), and took 3 hours in the cold rain to complete one 8 mile lap.

Bowl ran far away and has not come mountain cycling since. But I thought it was a fun race. After all, I did win a big mug:

In other news, The Conglomerate was plugged on the Pgh Racing website. Not only was my 5th place in the Mash included, but my fictitious victory in the SS category was also listed. That means somebody is wasting precious minutes of their life reading my word slobber. Interestingly, Don Powers was only listed as "2nd non-existent SS category," which proves that my imaginary categories are actually more important than the "real" masters (sandbagger) in which he was 5th.

Looks like I've hit the big time.


Don said...

1. Wow, It looks like you are 12 years old in that picture.
2. It is not sandbagging to race your in your age division
3. Plus racing in your age division helps win better shwag (remember that s-works helmet you won).

Montana said...

1. Bear Mugs have been know to take 6 years of your age. You should get one
2. The schwag is very worth it
3. I'm still gonna make fun of you for racing old man class (take it as a compliment to your speedyness)
4. Sombreros are not just for Mexicans

Shred said...

Sandbagging and really bad at it, 5th place and I heard he got passed by a guy in an electric wheel chair that escaped from the retirement community. And selling all your racing integrity for a chance at a set of plastic tire levers was it worth it?

Don said...

Shred, didn't you throw all of your race integrity out the window last year racing Sport Vet? Also how many years did it take you to make the jump to expert racing? BTW, if I am getting passed by a guy in an electric wheelchair, that means you are getting lapped by the guy in the electric wheelchair. Get well soon, can't wait to crush you at the races.

Shred said...

Maybe I did but at least I got better prizes for it besides I had let the youngins have their chance too. If you count my first mountain bike race in 95 it took me 14 years to make it up to expert... what year are you counting from ha ha ha! And once I'm back I fully expect to get get a trouncing and take my place as expert level whipping boy. No ones going to accuse me of sand bagging. Less than 4 weeks and this cast is off.