Thursday, June 2, 2011

a blogging win

Yesterday I loaded my rig up with some boxes for Ohiopyle Prints:

I put the hammer to the floor and made the long haul all the way over to the other end of town.

I could get into this big truck driving thing.

In other news, the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race Blog Competition has been won! Thanks to all the fine folks that voted, asked other people to vote, and put up with my incessant begging, I'll be racing in Pisgah this September.

It came right down to the last few hours of the competition, but my network of friends were more votey than Dicky's. I was really surprised how many votes it took to get a spot. In the end it was 759 for Cory, and 705 for me. I think we only had about 300 votes a piece in the Breck Epic Blogger's grant competition last year.

In any case, 2,800 people voted, and a few thousand more probably heard about it. So we did our job about getting the word out about the race. I'll be posting pre-race preparations and all that fun stuff in the coming months.  

So again, thanks. You people done me real happy.

We're leaving for the Mohican 100 tomorrow. It looks like the weather is going to be good this year, so I'll probably be able to avoid getting horrible stomach cramps and fevers from farm run off. I'll have a race report up on Monday. Now I've gotta go finish prepping my sweet sickle.

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