Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hast thou seen the white whale? Hast thou seen the white whale?

No? Great. Me either.

I took my final whaling test yesterday, so I’m done with class for a month. Yay.

On Friday night, after I finished filling my truck tires with a bike pump (150 pumps per tire,) I decided to drive four hours to my least favorite place in the world.

Unexpectedly, Ohio didn’t make me want to kill myself this time. The sun was out all weekend. It was cold, so the dirt was frozen solid.

I rode Vulture’s Knob, then Mohican, then Vultures Knob again.
The first rides were perfect. The third, not so much. I waited until 2:00, and by that time the trail was thawed. Vulture’s Knob is shit if there’s any wetness in the dirt.

The clay is simultaneously slipper than a marble floor covered in fish, and sticks to a bike better than concrete mixed with marshmallow fluff.

Still, not a bad last weekend in the Sausage State. I won’t be back there much since my reason to visit is 
going to New Zealand next semester. Wish I could visit that place every couple weeks. I’d love to meet the hobbits. 

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