Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unlike a pig, the Little Ball of Hate will put lipstick and a thong on himself.
It takes a special person to be the fastest XC racer in Ohio.  

Anyway, a few important announcements:

-I'll be at Breck Epic, and I'll be writing things about Breck Epic. You should be there too. There might be lipstick and thongs (I'm trying to get the Little Ball of Hate to register.)

-I'm not riding for Speedgoat anymore. Those guys were great, but I really need somebody local as shop support. So Cycle Symphony in Adamsburg, Pa. is going to help me handle the big scary industry types

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, it's definitely worth stopping in the shop. Rob has some really cool high-end stuff in there, and he's just a few minutes off the turnpike. I saw a Niner RDO for the first time in person when I was in there. It was pretty, but it didn't taste as good as I thought it would.

Grant Mathews, if you're reading, I'm sorry I licked your new bike.   

-After licking Grant's bike, I picked up the primary race machine for 2012:
How much more black this could be?  

-The guys at Industry 9 fixed my wheels again. And they sent me a t-shirt. They're so nice.

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