Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hot french toast

I really want to get out to the Creek to Peak race in Elanor this weekend, because it looks like a really sweet course. Lots of climbing, plenty of switchbacks, and from what I can gather from descriptions of the 12hr that just happened out there, plenty of rocks. But Elanor is four hours away as the Grumbler grumbles, and grumble gas is expensive. Meh.

From Drop Box
I hate this headset. It is the bane of my commuting existence. It sucks. Did I mention that I don't like it? 

It refuses to stay tight for more than 200 miles, after which the fork begins to wobble under braking. Then when I try to tighten it the fork binds up when I turn. And I thought that threaded headsets were supposed to be more bombproof than threadless. Bollocks.

I really need to ditch the whole thing and get a crosscheck fork and 1" threadless.

In other, more joyous news, I made the picture section of the Tour de Lake, here, and here. (and no, i did not intend to hyperlink that entire sentence.

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