Wednesday, May 6, 2009

onward and lakeward

I did make the picture section

That means I am featured in exactly 1/335th of the photos. Heheheh. One step closer to single speed domination.

I forgot to remind myself in my things to remember next time I race post, to get a computer. A cycling computer to be exact. Because I obviously already have a computing computer, for without one, this daily drivel would not be possible.

But back to the cycle mounted computer. I was starting to get a little confused over how much racing I had left at Mountwood. I had no watch, and even though I knew the race was 23 miles, I had no way to judge how far I had gone. So I asked every one I passed. I felt like a kiddie on a road trip.

"How far? How far? How far? Are we there yet? Mom I have to peeee!"

I'd like to avoid that situation from now on. Looking ever ahead into the bright and sunny future, my next race is the Tour de Lake.

Lap 1:

Lap 2:

To my very untrained eye, it appears that there is a fair amount of fire road in this race. Time work on the crazy 200 rpm spinning.

And I need to find some sponsors. This racing thing gets expensive. Everybody I race against has them. I feel left out. A mighty harrumph to that.

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