Monday, May 11, 2009

now with more wire(less)s

I finally got a computer. No more will I be completely confused and unaware of my surroundings in a race (at least in terms of mileage) 
The little Topline 1106 that I bought is pretty nice. It tells me how fast, how far, and how long I've ridden. The wireless system works without a problem so far, but I do only have a few rides on it. 

The computer and sensor attaches to the bars and fork via some nifty little rubber o-rings, which are apparently replaceable at the local hardware store. So in theory, it should be really easy to take the computer on and off. Unfortunately, the o-rings are a bitch to hook into place. They hurt my thumbs. Waaa. 

But it does stay in place, which surprised me in a good way. I rode out at Roaring Run, Apollo on Sunday (9.84 miles with a 7.5 mph average pace. thank you mr. bc 1106) And I have to say, my 7.5 mph pace was a bit discouraging, even though the blue loop at Apollo is rocky, rooty, and twisty as hell, with some climbing thrown in. It is defiantly the hardest (and best/most fun) race course I've ever ridden. And the computer did not budge. Kudos to it. Hopefully it'll hold up during the next race. 

On similar note, I am 100% sold on the 50mm stem. I'm able to clear switchbacks so much much more easily (by more easily I mean that I could not clear them at all with a 90mm), and get my weight way back on the descents. I think that it is the best length for a 29er. Or the best length for me. Whatever the case, it works.

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