Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes this is an incredibly lazy post. But think of it as an opportunity to get to know me better. My soon to be submitted WVMBA profile:

Montana Miller       

Greensburg, PA


Racing Class.
Single Speed

Favorite preparation method for coffee.
Espresso with a touch of milk

Oldest piece of cycling equipment that you're still using.
1980’s BCA frame. It’s almost 11 years older than me.

Favorite color.
Lime green


All American Paintball Park

Twin Six

Favorite Race Course. and why.

Big Bear. The rocks remind me of Laurel Mountain where I learned to ride.

Current bike you are riding.
Suspension free Niner One9

Fixed gear BCA

Career Highlight or favorite moment on a bike?
Not enough of a career to highlight yet. But the time I rode my unicycle to work was nifty. There were plenty of open mouths and shouts of encouragement from the driving types.

Favorite food.
Pancakes and cereal

Favorite movie.
Revenge of the Pink Panther

What is on your iPod right now?
Some dust and a pile of papers.

And a little Swedish power metal.  Nothing gets the heart pounding like a few thrashing, out of tune Swedes. 

What year did you start racing?
Fall 2008

If you could take your bike and ride anywhere on the planet where would you go?
I’d do a tour around Europe and down into Italy to play a few games of bocce. It would be swell.

Your hero?
Will Kellogg  

29" or 26"?

Lance or Lemond?
My moneys on Lemond in a fight, but I’d rather take Lance to dinner.

Would you eat an earth worm for $100?

Hells yeah. Deep fried or in a salad?

Favorite bike you have ever owned?
My N
iner. It’s a pretty color plows over small children with aplomb.

Shout out!...

Thundercats! Hoooo!

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