Tuesday, September 8, 2009

De poo pooing the thunder

I love the Poo Poo Thunder II, but I've always hated the color:
From Drop Box
Beef Gravy Brown sounds great in marketing copy, but in real life the brown is not so gravy. It's too subdued. Too lame. Too ugly. To be honest, it looks like shit.

Finally I decided to take the ax to the color.
From Drop Box

...or maybe not

From Drop Box
That's a stupid expression anyway. Striking the Poo Poo Thunder II with a sharp wood chopping implement would not be beneficial in any way. In fact, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that swinging a tool of such destructive power into my bicycle would render it un-ridable.

Anyway, the Thunder II is now disassembled, sanded, and ready to go to the painters.

From Drop Box
Mm mm. Acid green. My favorite. I'm thinking about doing the green with some dark blue or orange accents. Makes me want to hit things with an ax.

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