Thursday, September 17, 2009

tour de strongland race repor

The race at roaring run was really nothing to write home about. There was no SS class, so I had to try to race against the fast geared guys. It was a hard course to race, and I did alright. (by 'alright' I of course me that I was solidly mediocre.)
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The race started on a two or three mile long dirt road that spilled out onto the rail trail. It was perfectly flat, and I was spinning my brains out trying to keep up with the big ring endowed racers.

By the time I hit the first section of single track I had fallen way behind the leaders and was firmly planted in the bunch up zone.
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And we certainly did bunch up. I ran around the guys who had dismounted their cycles and tried to make up a little time.

In less than 400 meters I found myself splashing across the stream. The water was not too deep, but it was still enough to soak the monkey socks and shoes. I crossed the bridge to come back to the original bank, and was promptly routed through the stream again. This time the water was hub deep and totally soaked me. My wet brakes were squealing for the rest of the race.
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Two stream crossings before we even hit the real race course. That's intense.

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The rest of the race looked like this. (well, kind of. the trail wasn't red and featureless, but you get the idea.) It was very tight and twisty with a couple small steep climbs. There were plenty of rocks, and four small wooden bridges to cross. I got a flat at the beginning of the second lap, and wasted about five minutes trying to get the Stan's to seal it. After the flat I took the rest of the race easy because I was racing again the next day and I didn't want to toast my legs.

Somewhere around the second orange x on my highly accurate map a tree reached out and grabbed Tim Carson. It pulled him to the ground, tacoed his wheel and made a boo boo on his elbow. Four bees then proceeded to evacuate their nest and sting him. At least my race didn't go like that.


Don said...

Excellent maps & diagrams! It was almost like I was there.

Montana said...

Gee thanks. I passed 3rd grade real good

Shred said...

No only loads of rocks, but white water stream crossings and bees attacks. Intense! Sorry I had to miss it this year. I hear next year they are adding a bull pen to that flat section to make it more interesting.