Thursday, September 10, 2009

the dirty little stage race

I'll be racing twice this weekend.

On Saturday, the dirt side of the Tour de Strongland kicks off early in the AM. This race has been on my to do list for three years, but because of XC running obligations, I've never been able to make it. The course is a fantastical tight loop with numerous rock gardens, tight switchbacks, and high wooden bridges.

In contrast to every other race I've entered, I actually know the course. It's one of my favorite riding areas and I have ridden it many times. Hells, I've ridden the thing in the snow:

From Apollo

From Apollo

Since I actually know the lines at roaring run, I'm thinking that I might be able to pull down a nice place. There's no single speed class in this one, but the course should be SS friendly enough that I can stay with the geared guys.

On Sunday it's off to WVMBA #14, the Bob Evans Farmhand Race. This is the last chance I have to score points before the series championship. I'm sitting in 5th place right now, so if I do well this week, and have a good race at the champs, I could move up to 4th. Maybe. Hopefuly.

So I'm going to race both races. They shall be combined into the first annual dirty little stage race. Points from both finishes will tallied up at the end of the weekend to determine the winner.

As I am the sole entrant, I'm claiming an early victory.


Shred said...
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Shred said...

Roaring Run and Bob Evans back to back that's one hard core weekend. Good luck! Wish I could join you but I'll be at the beach surfing, or something like that, mentally preparing for the championship race.