Monday, November 22, 2010

the end of heckling season (bruceton mill's cross '10)

Throwing donuts at a 'cross race is like playing dodge ball in gym class. But at a 'cross race, all the nerdy kids are riding bicycles and are too tired to throw anything back. 

But before I threw donuts, I had to be the nerdy kid for a few laps. The Pflug decided to race Masters and 1/2/3 yesterday. He robbed me of my final chance to lose to him in a SS race this season.

The course was all in the grass with some climbing and a lot of turns. The Shrubcutta took the hole shot. I went easy to avoid getting taken into the tape on the first corner. 

I worked my way up to first by the middle of the 1st lap, and rolled from there. Hedgetrimma and Don Powers made a few attacks, but I held onto the gap. Then the Stuntedtreechoppa dropped his chain, and Don Powers was all alone. 
(the only mud on the course)

When I saw that it was only Don Powers chasing me, I relaxed a little. By the start of the last lap he was about a hundred feet behind me and shouting "Brah! I'm Dahn Pahers! Raa!"

I went a little faster and beat him by about ten seconds.

Then it was donut time.

The course went through a barn, so Don and I used the upper windows to attack. I threw donuts, and he whipped the cream:

My throwing arm was warmed up by the start of the 3/4 race. I wasn't necessarily aiming for Ben Stephens face, but I wasn't avoiding it either. 

Regardless of if I was trying to or not, I pegged him in the temple from about five feet away. It sounded like it hurt. I went for people's asses after that. 

Look closely. There's some powdered sugar on that helmet strap:

As I was screaming at Brad and making my wookie noise, he gave me a look that said "I hate you." Then I threw a whipped cream covered donut at his back. After the race he assured me that he hated me. 

But overall, people blamed Don Powers for the donut attacks. Which is excellent. I'm fine with letting people direct their anger at the loud one.

Then Stephanie Swan wanted to swim across the lake. 

I think her proposal went something like "Hey, just saying, if anybody wanted to swim across the lake, I would totally swim across to. But only if somebody else wanted to first." That wouldn't be enough to get me into freezing water, but apparently it was all the prompting Marc Glass needed:

At the end of the day, JR did awards. I finished 2nd in the series. The Pflug was undefeated and won the scarf:

Someday I'll catch the Plug and his little dog to:
Nice tongue.

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