Thursday, November 11, 2010

Murrysville 'Cross ('10)

Every 'cross race is pretty much the same. I ride around in a big grass field, I'm hit in the face with donuts, I get heckled for not having chest hair, something goes wrong, and I get lapped.

(It was fairly chilly. I'm warm blooded. Or stupid.)

I've been riding my Swobo for work lately, so I have it set up fixed. I really expected Murrysville 'Cross to be muddy since we had rain in the days leading up to the race. But sadly, it was perfectly dry.

A fixed gear isn't much of a detriment when the course is sloppy. The rear wheel is always churning through the mud, keeping the rider upright and moving forward. The back brake never stops working, unless the chain snaps. And that's not a problem for me anymore.

Back to Murrysville. There was no mud. Racing fixed was a bit of a detriment. I tried very, very hard, but I was still lapped by Steevo and Mike in the 1/2/3 race. Good times.

My best moment of the day was a few minutes after I pulled into the parking lot.

I got out of the Grumbler and called Brad a douche for warming up on a trainer.

"Don has donuts in his car." he replied.

"Sweet." I said. Don was out on the course doing the vet race. I opened his car, grabbed two powdered donuts, and shut the door.

Don came sprinting up the road. I threw one donut. Missed. I threw the second.

It slammed into his left cheek, leaving a big powdered sugar mark. The crowd huzzahed and Sheriff Gary voiced his approval. I danced in jubilation.

Colleen also raced, and had significant difficulties lifting her 45 pound Karate Monkey over the barriers. That said, unlike her boyfriend, she did not get lapped.

And Rob had all the fun:

But the day before the race, Colleen and I did have the privilege of going to the most exciting thing in Central Ohio:

Smucker's Cafe. Woah! Super Radical!

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