Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marilla and WVU 'Cross ('10)

In terms of placing, Marilla 'Cross did not go well. I burped a tire in the SS race, and snapped my chain in the 1/2/3.

But I learned a very important lesson.

If you throw donuts at your friends, expect your friends to recruit a few dozen spectators to help them return the favor:

Every time I went through there, I put my head down and closed my eyes.

I was slapped on the ass:

Chased by vuvuzelas and sprayed with whipped cream and beer:

And mooned:

And...everyone politely cheers on the other racers:


But I might have deserved it.

I wish I could get the other videos up on here, but for some reason the facebook won't let me. In any case, I was hit by a lot of powdered donuts and traumatized for life.

At WVU 'Cross the next day, I set my Crosby up with my fixed wheel, and clipped my pedals on the ground in at least four turns. I guess I'm going to need to get some 170 or 165mm crank arms.

I crashed going through a turn on a basketball court and removed most of the skin from my left hip. The Pflug beat me, but the Bushwaka did not.

I'm racing fixed for the rest of the year. It's more fun (minus the crashing and missing skin.)

And I hereby declare donut throwing a new WPA/WV 'Cross tradition.


dougyfresh said...

That pic looks like cheeze wiz as opposed to whipped cream.

Better watch out. Peter will think excessive and improper usage of cheeze wiz is a crime for they don't have 'cheeze in a can' up in Canada.

Montana said...

Man cheeze wiz would have been nasty. I'll just die if somebody brings that to a race.

D-Pow said...

Consider it done...Cheeze Whiz will be in my hand at the Murrysville CX race!

kahlean said...

So.. Do you consider the fixed gear as the most fun evar?

Montana said...

Yes. Yes I do