Friday, November 19, 2010

Morgantown Monster 'Cross ('10)

The work of my esteemed ex-coworker and ex-tent neighbor:

I had to share. I miss him and and his giant jar of kombucha mold dearly. There's a scampering bunny at 1:34.

And Monster Cross'. The Pflug and I split off from the rest of the pack pretty early. We we're going fast, but the pace wasn't crazy. It was a comfortable fast.

On the run-up of lap two, I ran a little faster and passed him.

I'm in the top left, a few feet ahead of the Pflug in yellow. This made the Pflug very angry.

The Pflug went hard and passed me inside on one of the downhill corners. Then he did his best to "Drop that dirty hippy" as so many spectators seemed fond of yelling.

I held on for about 25 minutes, then he dropped me. I took second. It felt like my best race of 'cross season.  The Pflug is just far more powerful than me. And the Bushwaka admitted to stinking:

I spent the rest of the day throwing donuts and making whipped cream "bunny tails" on the asses of tired racers.

My slightly faded handiwork:

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kahlean said...

Poor hippie. Once I cut your hair (for a small fee) you'll be much more accepted in society. I hope there's no Samson effect.

And did you tell Thomas that you're helping his rise to Internet fame?