Monday, December 13, 2010

cross checks and bad ideas

I've been meaning to put my Cross Check on Craigslist. But I never have the motivation to type up an ad, so it's hung sadly in the work stand while I ripped around on the Crosby.

A few days ago, I picked up my Punk Bike prize that Larry at Thick Bikes had snagged for me.


This was a game changer. Previously, I hated riding the cross check because it wasn't gnarly enough. But with gnar bars...

I started getting the bike ready. The bottom bracket was shot and wobbly, so I had to replace it. As soon as I threaded the crank puller in the non-drive side crank arm and tightened it down, it stripped. I tried all kinds of locktites and clamps to get the crank puller to hold, but it just wouldn't go.

Then I tried a gear puller:

Looked menacing, but it was also a failure.

Finally I resorted to cutting the crank arm with an angle grinder, then smacking it really hard with a hammer. If all else fails, destroy. It worked. I got the bb off, screwed in a new one, and put my old set of Race Face Turbines on.

Then I pulled the Cross Check fork off, installed my Salsa Cromoto Grande, bolted on a 50mm stem, put an WTB Exiwolf on my fixed wheelset, and mounted the Gnar Bars.

And the most gnar shredding Cross Check in the galaxy was born. Those bars are 700mm wide, and droopy on the ends:

It's so good and slack. I'm guessing it has about a 67 degree head tube angle.


D-Pow said...
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D-Pow said...

That is the bicycle equivalent of an El Camino...a mountain bike up front & a cross bike in the back. Congrats, you just set bicycling back 20 years!

Montana said...


Jason said...

More like a reverse El Camino.

Montana said...

Actually, it's not like an El Camino. If it was, I would be driving it down to Mexico to carry a load of zarapes and guavas across the border.