Monday, December 27, 2010

snowy rolling

I did a couple shorter rides over the weekend. On Friday I sprinted around a little county park by my house that has a few miles of tight singletrack. Nothing special, but it was still fun.

On Saturday I rode in Ohiopyle for almost two hours before the whole Christmas dinner business. The place was empty, but a damn rabbit beat me to first tracks.

I was really surprised that the snow was so ridable. But the day still didn't photograph well.

Winter in Western PA. Greyest thing ever. I was supposed to meet the posse at Boyce Park on Sunday morning, but when I woke up at 8:00 a 70 mile drive seemed like it was way too far.

Then Colleen and I ended up driving to Monrovile anyway. She could buy some new riding shoes and I dragged her smiling face around Harbor Freight Tools for a while. When we got home I ended up riding circles around the miniature park (not the one with singletrack) next to my house in the dark. Shoulda just gone to Boyce in the morning.

When winter finally goes away, I'll be on the mountain for some overnight trips with my bike. I'm still thinking about attempting the Colorado Trail Race. In any case, it seams (pun intended. I'm such a riot.) like time to start getting some bikepacking stuff together.

On Saturday night, I stitched up a prototype saddle bag for my sleeping bag. I used some scrap material from an easy-up to get a feel for how it would hang on my bike.

The first version was pretty close, but there's still lots of room for improvement. I sat down and started sketching out ways to make it better.

Then I realized I'd basically drawn a Carousel Design Works bag. Nuts. But I think I can change and simplify it a little. I'm ordering some good fabric today.

And I'm on board with Ergon for next season. I'm stoked. I've been using GX2s for the past two years, and they rock. Glad to keep using them. I'm pretty excited to try out their the new gloves as well. They should be great if they work as well as the grips.

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