Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday at work was dead. I made four deliveries, and had to return one of them because the recipients had taken the day off. Total bust. I made about $9.

But we did have some rousing conversations about the crossword puzzle at a table in everyone's favorite office building.

It was a nice day outside, but that just made me wish I was mountain biking. I took some pictures since there was no hurry to get any of those packages out.

I didn't take the last one while I was riding yesterday, but I was trying to make the transition as jarring as possible. Since I stopped shaving my legs after the last race of the year, I've noticed an interesting re-growth pattern. I seem to have back of calf baldness. That means that either my calves are too ripped to fit in my pants, or my pants are too tight. I'm going with the former.

Last night I spent almost an hour and a half grooving to an Elvis song on some weird Wii dance game while my lazy ass friends watched. If you've seen me dance, you can probably imagine how awesome I looked. If you haven't seen me dance, well lets just say I make that pork product look like a cold hot dog.

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