Friday, December 17, 2010

shirts and schedules

It seems my recent post has triggered a blogoterrarium wide hub rebuilding party. Hub rebuilds are always fascinating. You're welcome.

On to the important stuff. I've given it an entire Big Bear Classic mug's worth of thought (normal sized mug included for scale. a big bear classic mug's worth is a lot.)

Anyway, I've given it a lot of thought this morning, and now I believe I'm ready to release the 2011 Extremely Tentative and Imminently Changing Official Knobby Meats Racing Conglomerate Schedule. That acronim would be ETICOKMRCS. (Pronounced etty-cock-merse. I know you were stumbling through it.)

Most of these dates are pulled from Mahokey's very excellent calender on XXC:

1/29 Snotcycle
3/26 Michaux Mash
5/14 Mountain State 100 (if the mysterious promoter ever puts up more info)
6/4 Mohican
6/13 Stoopid 50
7/16 Breck 100 or Single Speed Nationals
7/30 Wilderness 101
9/4 Shenandoah 100 

I'll fill in the rest of the weekends with some WVMBA, OMBC, and ABRA races (if the rumors of ski resort mountain bike events are true.)

Since I have free lodging lined up with my helper monkey Sam (the little angry faced one on the back:)

I'm planning on staying in Colorado and racing out there for a month. But I still have to pay for all those ETICOKMRCS entry fees.

I threatened to do it a while back, and now I've done it. Just in time for Giftmas, Knobby Meats shirts are on sale. Hooray! I know you're thrilled.

Everybody looks more dashing in a viking cat shirt (and the more shirts I sell, the more silly things I can write about races.) I embedded a large lime green shirt button at the top of the blog. And now we're off to the weekend. Later folks.


D-Pow said...

Michaux Mash is 3/26...Also you better put the Hilly Billy Roubaix on that list, cause I plan on dropping you at that race again!

Montana said...

I can never get those numbers that correspond to months right. I had 5 for June and 6 for July until I got to September and realized it wasn't the 8th month

John Proppe said...

The Mountain State 100 is Shawn Adams' race. He's a local Akron dude. I can let him know the public is looking for some more info.

I'm not sure of the details offhand, but from what he told me, the course he's got planned is amazing.

Montana said...

Yeah a 100 miler in WV should be pretty awesome. More info would be great