Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: giving myself a pat on the proverbial ass

I might be a few days late with this, but I'm gonna do it anyway. 2010 season review. I think I got most of the big events of the racing year, but I did leave out a bunch of XC races that went pretty well.

Anyway, it was a long season. And I must say it was a pretty good one.

But it didn't start out so great.

Before the snow, I won a winter 'cross alley cat. After it melted, I won a not so wintery cross alley cat. Both at the slag heaps.

Got my first big brah deal from Industry Nine. (40ish races later, the wheels are still rad.)

Beat all my friends in the most important fake race of the year and was crowned champion of the universe.

Lived in a tent down by the river and worked at the greatest white water rafting and bike touring company that I've ever worked for.

Won my first SS race at the Big Bear Classic.

Won my first Open class race on my single speed at the Mountwood Challenge. They paid me for winning SS and gave me a Surly flask as a reward for beating everybody on gears.

Started riding for the fine fellas of Speedgoat Bikes.

Won the open class at Tour de Lake. They paid me for winning the overall. It was very nice.

Helped build some obstacles and haul around kids bikes for the Velomuse Junior Devo Program.

Picked up a girl down by the river in my chariot of charm.

Led the Mohican 100 for a few hundred meters. Received a mild case of giardia for finishing a hundred miles of cow shit and mud.

After Mohican, I started begging people for votes on facebook so that I could win the Breck Epic Blogger's Grant.

Did the Big Bear 2x12 with Rob. Didn't have a great race.

We drove out to State College that night, and did the Stoopid 50 the next day.

I finished 3rd SS, my first decent endurance result. The waffle in my drop bag was intact.

Lost to Don Powers, Betsy Shogren, and everybody who's anybody at the Hilly Billy Roubaix
DSC_3911 by bstephens83.

Won the Breck Epic Bloggers Grant. Started frantically saving money to drive to Colorado.

Pretended I was fast enough to ride with JPok, the Pflug and Ferrari for the first 60 miles of the Wilderness 101. Finished 6th SS.

Drove to Colorado with the Little Ball of Hate. Did a Super D in Indiana and finished 4th overall. Behind the Little Ball of Hate.

Lost my will to live in the 110 degree heat of Kansas.

Won my fist race at altitude at Winter Park.

Watched Sam crash and break his crabone Cannondale.

Did Breck Epic. Most awesome race ever.

Finished 5th SS.

Discovered that five days is not enough time to recover from a large stage race. Didn't race too well in Ohio

Crowned the 2010 Peanut Butter Proiest.

Had my most horrible race ever at the Terror of Teabag.

Beat all my friends and won my second fake race. (After running out of food and foraging for apples.)

Fell into a big ditch the next day, but still won the WVMBA Championship Race.

Finished the WVMBA Series 1st in SS.

Won my very first Month of Mud race. Possibly only because Evan Perrone flatted.

Rode my Crosby around in grassy circles and threw donuts a bunch. Finished the ABRA SS 'Cross Series in 2nd.

Did the Dirty Dozen on a Tandumb with Sam.

Started a table sitting job at Jet Messenger.

Banana time part duex.

Put the Viking Cat in armor.

And that's about it.


Anonymous said...

Aw-w-w-some...you rock!

b said...

Nice work this year - looking forward to 2011!

Montana said...

Well gee thanks ma and brad

kahlean said...

Congratulations on trapping such a lovely young girl in that bike wagon!

Remember the time you gave her a concussion by insisting that it would be a great idea to ride 30 miles rigid at West Branch? And when you wore that mustachio? Beautiful.

Anonymous said...