Sunday, January 23, 2011

a super productive weekend

The Mountain State 100 put registration up over on bikereg. A 100 miler in West Virginia sounds pretty sweet. And the after party is at a place called the Dirtbean. That's just too good to be true. I'm thinking about it. Race is on May 14th.

It's been awful cold here for the last few days. I rode a little and ran up some stairs in a parking garage for a while, but mostly I sat on my ass and read.

I discovered the primary danger in buying a book from a used book store. A bookmark with someone's child on it might fall out:
I was terrified when this little blond kid fell into my lap. Look at the beady-eyed devil. Smiling his little 2005 smile. Who knows where he is now. He could be selling heroine on the streets, or worse, making smoothies at Orange Julius. 

I also repacked my tool bag. While I had everything out, I made a list of all the stuff I haul around. 

-8 spare I9 spokes (they don't break often, but I assume that I won't be able to walk into a shop and buy some if they do.)
-Ratcheting screwdriver with torx and hex bits
-Hammer, a plastic one for fixing things and a metal one for destroying them
-Vice grips
-Channel Locks
-Pedal Wrench (not sure why I carry that around, none of my pedals have wrench flats)
-Ratchet Set

And small parts:
-Formula compression fittings
-Headset spacer
-Northwave shoe buckles (rocks are not kind to clicky-buckles)
-Stan's valve stems
-Zip ties
-Extra chain pieces 
-Digital pressure gauge
-Brake pads
-Pad spreader
-Duct tape
-20t cog for when the first one wears out 

With some spare tires and friends to steal stuff from that's enough to fix almost any bike or small car problem on the road. It's probably two much. I think the back pack I have that stuff in weighs almost 40 pounds:
But I'd rather have something and not need it than need it and not have it. 


SurlyRob said...

Get some chainring bolts in there dude. I think I gave you my last one.

Montana said...

Right right. I'll put it on the list. I also need rags and some fireworks for the wv races.

Shred said...

Looks similar to my on the go toolset except I don't have a hammer, I should probably add that to my set but my crescent wrench can double as a hammer in a pinch.
I also don't have one of those car/battery operated wire brush wheel things, and what is that in the upper right hand corner? Is that a blender?

Montana said...

That's a crusty water bottle. Although a blender would be a nice thing to have.

Dave said...

Carrying all of that stuff around with you everyday provides an even better workout when you ride. Gives you a little more resistance to make you push a little harder, eh? (not trying to sound Canadian)
Oh, and I would freak out as well if a little kid with a creepy smile popped out of a book. Damn.

Rin Liddel said...

How do you carry that much stuff?! Just carrying around my full backpack kills me! And oddly enough, I've never had the rogue picture-bookmark thing happen to me. Which is odd because Half-Price Bookstores are my favorite place on Earth. Now I'm going to be paranoid about that happening haha.

Montana said...

The backpack is like a tool box, only not a box. Not something I ride around with. Ya know?

Hopefully you'll find a weird little kid in a book someday. It's thrilling

Professor Lori Jakiela said...

Between the anti-shoes and this bookmark kid, I'm having nightmares. (Also, I think you meant he might be selling heroin. Though he could be selling heroines -- people do that too. Pimping ain't easy.)