Friday, January 28, 2011

stop sign sprints

Stop sign sprints are the closest thing to structured training that I do all year. They suck real bad, but they work the legs quick.

I don't keep track of zones or heart rates or any of that other witchcraft, but they still work. They seem like the best way to replicate the short bursts of power used in racing on east coast single track.

I leave my house and sprint up to the top of the hill without warming up to simulate the start of a race. Then I roll into a neighborhood, and every time I hit a stop sign I slam on the brakes and track stand for 10 seconds. Then I sprint as hard as I can to the next stop sign and brake again.

I do that until I feel like throwing up, then roll around for a few minutes of recovery. Then I start sprinting and stopping again. When I reach the vomit threshold, I slow down and soft pedal to recover. Then I go home and dig into the mini-marshmallows.

Or I used to dig into the mini-marshmallows until I saw this:

I wonder how many people died with a mouth stuffed full of tiny marshmallows before Kraft started printing this warning.


Rin Liddel said...

Lol it reminds me of the warning labels they put on power drills that say "Not to be used a dental instrument." It prolly only took one person and the family sued the company.

Professor Lori Jakiela said...

It's amazing how dangerous many foods are. Hot dogs, for instance. (And no, I'm not talking about what's in them, which is scary enough. We can ask Justin!) It's the shape. Marshmallows, too. Perfect little throat plugs. Ever since I had my kids, I can't look at a peanut or chicken nugget without reviewing my Heimlich training. I am a Heimlich expert. Certified. Just in case you go on a marshmallow bender in class. :)

Great post, as always! (And those sprints sound grueling.)

Craig said...

How is it that there is artificial blue food coloring in snow white mini marshmallows?

Montana said...

No idea. But I want some sort of chemical that keeps them soft so I don't ever have to close the bag again